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Killzone 2

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Word has gone out of the imminent release of Killzone 2, the sequel to Killzone (PS2), which was dubbed the Halo Killer.

But, and I stress a big BUT, this was not the fact as was seen when I played Killzone. I for one, was not at all convinced at first when I heard of this, I even thought that Killzone won’t even beat Black (EA 2005)! Graphics were impressive on first look, which could be the reason why several gamers could have been convinced this would be the source for the demise of Halo, but when zoomed in, the textures were rough and not at all smooth. I have also seen Templar (I played as Rico) seemingly magically having his hairstyle changed when you looked at him from different angles. Controls were also terrible! You run at a CRAWLING pace and crouch as slow as a grandfather with a bad back. The guns (for the first time ever in a game) were to the advantage of the enemy.

Most guns especially the rocket launcher engulfs almost half of the screen, making it harder to aim and quickly look around for other enemies. Most guns were also hard to aim, especially the guns of the Helghast. These are the few of the issues that Guerilla should resolve. I have yet to see actual gameplay footage of Killzone 2, however, based from the official trailer, it looks quite promising.

Can’t wait for Feb’09


Written by ibizia

May 7, 2008 at 9:17 am

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