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Just got news from the Leipzig Game Convention 2008 about Sony’s hardware releases.  Big news from Sony with their plans to release new models of the PS3 and the PSP.  The PS3 will be brandishing around a more powerful hard drive capacity of160 GB. This mammoth-like size hard drive is said to be designed to fully utilize the media streaming capabilities and the downloading functionalities of the PS3. This version of the PS3, rumored to be worth 449 euros, was also announced to be bundled with the Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune game.

The PSP 3000’s existence was also confirmed.  A built-in mic feature will be included, best for use for applications such as Skype.  Other changes such as updated buttons, and cosmetic changes are also expected.  Rumors about the new PSP to have mobile phone functionalities are still buzzing around the Interwebs, but SCEI has not confirmed on this yet.

On a personal standpoint, I am not that convinced on why I should purchase the new version of the PS3, with no significant technical differences from the 80GB model.  However, with no official price-tag attached yet, I am expecting that Sony maybe holding out to announce new features for the 160GB version, say maybe, full backwards-compatibility or even video capturing capabilities? I am more curious to see how the PSP 3000 turns out.  As I am planning to purchase a PSP early next year, I may wait to see if I should buy the new model or go ahead and purchase my girlfriend’s PSP 2000.  If the rumors are true that the new PSP will have mobile phone functionalities, I will definitely consider a buy, it will definitely be a whole lot better than that other overrated touch-screen phone, with so stupid apps that serves nothing except to let people know how rich you are.

That’s it, I still have lots of games to review. As of the moment, I have 10 titles pending to be reviewed. Maybe some time, when I manage to squeeze in more time for my gaming needs


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August 22, 2008 at 1:03 am

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