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I thirst for FPS action *Dreams of Killzone 2: Multiplayer*

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Due to my craving for FPS games, I have tried to quench that thirst with other titles.  I’ve already downloaded and played:

The succession in which I listed the games is not random, I specifically enjoyed the games in that order. I loved how Open Arena made use of the Quake III arena engine and the different characters you can play.  I chose mine to be some velociraptor-ish gunner which I named Sackboy (reference to Little Big Planet, a game I’ve definitely getting :D). Somehow in the game, I found myself constantly on the lookout for Kyonshi, who I enjoyed pwning the most.

Assault Cube is a more modern type game, in which you play as humans, using real guns.  Although it reminded me a bit about CounterStrike, I just didn’t like much of the controls, and how the recoil of the weapons caused your gun to slowly point up until you end up shooting the ceiling.

I didn’t enjoy Alien Arena at all.  The futurish type gameplay just didn’t suit me.  I also hated the most, the house and techno music.  It made me want to puke as how I remember a former friend who constantly played house music, thinking he was the coolest guy in campus.

All these games can also be played in Linux, just google for the installers.  However, these games just were not up to task of satisfying my lust for FPS.

Watching videos of Call of Duty 4 gameplay on the net almost made me drool on my laptop.  Now, having found a video that shows multiplayer action of Killzone 2 is just too much torture for me.  As with the first Killzone, I am intrigued to find out if the sequel can finally live up to the hype surrounding it.  The sight of a cloaked Helghast sniper shows potential diversity of weapons and enemies in this game, and therefore will force the gamer to think of different strategies for different scenarios.  Well, to shut me up, here’s the video. Look out for the cloaked sniper :p


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September 18, 2008 at 8:54 am

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