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Capping off a Killzowned weekend

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The entire week last week, I was green with envy with those who were lucky enough to have been able to get a copy of Killzone 2.  I spent that week playing the Killzone webgame to get my Helghast-action fill.  It didn’t help when other people I knew were already playing KZ2, and were ranking up immediately.  I had to remember that I would have to wait until the 15th before I can catch up with my VGEvo buddies.  Little that I know that the weekend had the color red, puppies, and HELGHASTS waiting for me.

Last Friday, I picked up Daryl at her office and we had dinner at Eastwood City.  It’s been months since I last stepped foot there, and it has been years since I last ate there.  When we got there, I could only vaguely remember the place.  I was not sure if I was picturing the same place I saw months ago or I was mistakenly compiling and recalling sights of similar places that I have been to.  Daryl briefly pointed out to me the stores that she knew.  There was this bar, Bed Space, she showed me that one of our common friends went to last month.  By the name itself, Bed Space was designed for its clients to have a relaxing time to a slumber-party drunken, disco style.  I told Daryl that places like that just weren’t the hangout place for me.  I wouldn’t want to hangout in a place so dark, and noisy with annoying house and irritating pop music.  I just don’t get it. I would much rather choose Starbucks over a place where there’s nothing else to do except to drink booze and scream your lungs out so that your friend will know that you’re going over to the rest room for a pee.

After that brief rant,  we went to the newly-opened Eastwood Mall in search for stuff for Milo, our wonder-beagle.

Milo, the wonder-beagle

Milo, the wonder-beagle

We found Pet Central, a pet shop/veterinary clinic  found just beside the escalator when you enter Eastwood City Walk 2.  They had lots to offer, from shampoo to occasional doggy tricks.  When we were about to leave, some woman entered along with her huge adult beagle named Elvis.  We soon found out why the beagle was named as such.  Elvis saw a Shih tzu outside and let off this low, and loud bark, rockstar style.  We were expecting some other huge dog breed to be the one barking, and were surprised to see that it was actually Elvis.  We just found it funny when comparing Milo’s bark to be less frightening to hear.  Although Milo is still only a few months young, we just found it cute and a bit funny how pale his bark was as compared to Elvis’.

After the pet shop, we went on over to the Toy Store (ugh) to see their PS3 games.  This lady at the information booth looked at me weirdly, and almost childishly when I asked for directions.  I just can’t help but be annoyed at how people almost immediately relate video gaming to childishness.  Gaming is more physical and mentally demanding for just a childish act.  It is just as normal as reading a book, watching a movie, or playing sports as a hobby.  Why judge someone over an act that one just loves doing anyway?  No wonder gaming is such a lewd industry in the local scene.  Most plagued by the cancer killing the local gaming scene, DotA.  Anyway, the toy store had decent enough of a collection of games.  As usual, the common gimmicky Wii was there.  But they had somewhat updated titles for the PS3 too, such as Street Fighter IV, but no Killzone 2.

Off we went to Bark Avenue, another pet shop to scour stuff for Milo.  The store had interesting items for sale but for a huge price.  I was made to wonder what the 1-man crew did the whole day in a customer-less store.

We then passed by restaurants, briefly scanning their menus for us to decide what and where to eat.  We then got to this place called Pasto.  It was a nice place, simple furniture, and more importantly for me, no noise!  After a couple of pictures, we quickly noticed something wrong.  Daryl and I were wearing red, and probably because the restaurant’s interior designer believes in monotones, we appeared to be a couple of floating heads in the photos.

Our attempt to minimize the red with the help of my jacket

Our attempt to minimize the red with the help of my jacket

The next day, I went over to Daryl’s place.  We had some Spam for breakfast when we saw Milo eagerly making noises for his time to go outside.  After a brief struggle to get his collar and dog leash on,

we were finally off.  Daryl held on to the leash while I took photos.

After the long and fun walk with Milo. We then gave him a nice and cool bath.  Then it was pretty much another normal day in the weekend.  I went to the gym, amidst the hellish temperature outside, then got dog food for Milo, met up with Daryl again, then we went over to my place.  As we arrived home, we were welcomed by a cute little surprise. A puppy!

She’s a half-breed Rottweiler.  After the family’s loss of Salji and Brownie, I think it was just the right time to have their successor.  I asked for her name, but nobody was able to think of one just yet.  I was just so happy that the puppy went to me and enjoyed playing with me.  I saw that she some, not all of her nails were black.  So jokingly, I said that we should name her Blacknail!  Everyone had a laugh, and we played with Blacknail more.  And if the day couldn’t get any better, my mom said that the local gamestore just called looking for me, something about a game that they set aside for me.  I asked my mom what it was, but she didn’t know, albeit not giving a damn about it.  My sister then said that she tried to ask our mom to just give her the phone so that she could talk to the game store because she knows more about gaming than my mom will ever will in a million years, to no avail.  So after playing with Blacknail, I called the store back and found out the brilliant news!  They had set aside a copy of Killzone 2 for me, and it was their very last copy.  They said that they immediately almost ran out of copies but was able to save one for me.  I was so excited and told them that I would drop by the store the next day to pick it up.

So come the next day, it was official.  I am now an owner of the full copy of Killzone 2. No more sticking with KZ2 demos and KZ2 webgames! Woop woop! And to top it off, MUFC beat Fulham 4-0 in the FA Cup quarterfinals!  That’s what I call capping off the weekend Killzone style!

And oh yeah, Blacknail has a name now.  We decided to call her Bristol.  But sometimes I still call her Bristol Blacknail just for laughs :p

And as a bonus, here’s the pic that didn’t make it to the KZ2 competition over at the Playstation Blog:

Oh relax, this is just a joke. We would never hurt Bristol. Shes the newest member of the family :D

Oh relax, this is just a joke. We would never hurt Bristol. She's the newest member of the family 😀


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