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Liverpool won, but still no trophy? But HOW?!

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An opened Toblerone bar


Back from a weekend that was built to be a great one except for some slip-ups. What this past weekend had for me was dog-on-bone action, shades, a checkmark, and missing muscles.  Daryl had this friend (contact me if you’re interested) who’s selling sports bags, sunglasses, and other imported stuff at prices significantly lower than those being offered inside malls.  And because I have been going to the gym for a while now, I have to carry two huge-ass bags along when I go to work.  1 bag contains my work-related things, and the 2nd bag was for the gym.  It didn’t help that I had commute every single day and wait out at long-ass lines in transport terminals.  Daryl, being the thoughtful person that she is, seized the moment when  a particular bag came up for sale through her friend.  It was big enough to fit both my work and gym things, and had a specific spot where I can put my laptop in all snug and protected. And it also has space for two pairs of shoes. And if for some reason I get to play football again, it even has a space for the ball!  The bag was big enough to fit Bear Brand inside.  For those close to me, you know how fat his fatness is, so for the bag to fit him inside is quite impressive. The bag hasn’t failed me yet, and shows no signs of it.  After a long-ass day at work yesterday, I’ll be bringing the bag along to the gym only for the first time later.

The bag wearing Bear Brand

The bag wearing Bear Brand

Bear Brand wearing the bag

Bear Brand wearing the bag

Daryl and I also went to some mall to just stroll around and just relax as we’re away from work.  Daryl thought it’d be fun if I tried out some shades that was on display in the department store.  As a guy who wears glasses all the time, I almost never wear shades especially since it further dims my already horrible vision.  Anyway, this is how I looked like

Wheres Daryl?! :p

Where's Daryl?! :p

We also had dinner at a place called Mom’s and Tina’s. It’s a bakery/restaurant that, in my opinion has to focus less on their pastries, and desserts.  Why? Well, because they’re main dishes, just plainly suck compared to their baked goods and sweets. Or maybe they could just do the opposite, and just drop serving their main dishes?  We’ve eaten there for almost 5 times already, and I have yet to be impressed by their dishes.  Therefore, on our last visit,  I decided to have a fatass burger  while Daryl had barbecue.  The burger was meh, but good enough, and their barbecue, well to be fair, had lots of meat in it and just a little fat, unlike other restaurants out there.  Then for dessert, I had some Toblerone-ish thingy. Daryl had chocolate mousse, which isn’t one of the restaurant’s best desserts, if I might say.  Here are a couple of pictures of us while we waited for our food to be served

I like this shot

I like this shot

Daryl, nooooo! Must... eat...

Daryl, nooooo! Must... eat...

An update on Blacknail. Bristol is doing much better now as compared to her first weekend with her new family. The irritation on her skin has reduced, so she itches less often.  She’s grown up a bit now, but I wish she could be a little bit fatter and bigger because she’s a little difficult to spot when I arrive home at night.  My sister bought her this bone-chewtoy thingy, the same as Milo had which barely lasted a day!

Bitey bitey bitey

Bitey bitey bitey

We capped off the day having dinner at a local restaurant.  I was still ruing from the terrible, terrible loss to the scum that is Liverpool.  We were humbled, as they definitely outplayed in the moments that mattered even though I still think that overall, we were the better team.  All United fans worldwide will be getting the stick after that result for the entire week, and will probably go on until the end of the season. Because then, where IT ALL COUNTS, the real reds of the League will lift the trophy back to OT, and those scousers will be left with nothing.  Oh well, at least they still have their fat spanish waiter.  Hey LiverPOO 4-1! 4-1! Yes, 4-1! That’s right, we’re still 4 points ahead, WITH a game in hand!  I’d rather walk alone!!!

I go to the gym, and somehow Daryl gets the muscles

I go to the gym, and somehow Daryl gets the muscles

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