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What a weekend mall sale reveals

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Fast Food Chain Gang

Any guess where I went to first? Image by Joe Rollerfan via Flickr

I had just finished working out at the gym that day, and was yet to have lunch.  Unluckily for me, the mall, where the gym was in, was having a three-day sale just in time for payday.  “Damn stupid payday sale”, that was the thought inside of my head as I was frustrated time and time again in looking for some place to have my lunch.  I first went to this fast-food chain, famous for it’s fried chicken, where I was given a first blow in my search for food.  The queue to the cash register was ass-shittingly long, and even if you had the patience to wait, you’d have to wait again just to spot an empty table.   I was disappointed because I was craving for chicken, so off I went to look for other options.  I went by 2 restaurants in hopes for them not being jam-packed as the others, but this time I was faced with a different setback, their prices.  Though there where lots of tables availabe, the prices were just too much for a meal, especially in these tough times.  I’d much rather spend that much money on games anyway as I already have a long list of titles that I have yet to get. I was contemplating if I should’ve just stayed in the gym and just had a sandwich in the fruit shake bar inside.  Having lunch at home instead wasn’t an option too, as the weather outside was terribly hot.  I then passed by this small food stall, which I kept on ignoring until then.  It was situated at the bottom floor and could easily be missed if you aren’t looking specifically for it.  The store was called Belly Burst, and focused on traditional american-style meals, such as burgers with fries, buffalo wings, pizza, etc. And all, which to my surprise at a very affordable price!  I ordered this meal which had 2 burgers, fries, some pastry, and a glass of iced tea.  I didn’t like the fries that much, but the 2 dips that came along with it fixed that problem.  I know, I just worked out, so how can I eat that kind of meal?  Well it was blistering hot outside, I spent half an hour walking inside a crowded mall, and I was dead tired, so sue me!

All of these for less than a 100PHP!  A good deal if you ask me

All of these for less than a 100PHP! A good deal if you ask me

After that heavenly meal, I went to the local Toys R US to check the latest games they had.  As the whole mall was having a sale,  the store was selling its games with a 10% discount.  After a lot of “meh” as I breezed through their small selection of games, one title caught my attention, Overlord: Raising Hell.  It was an RPG, where you would summon minions to follow you in your quests. The game also offered some multi-player where you and a buddy, along with each set of minions will scour the game’s levels.  I was longing to have an RPG title but couldn’t find any title to my liking just of yet, but this game could have been the one I’ve been looking for.  However, the price of the game served no justice.  As it was Toys R US, Overlord: Raising Hell was being sold with the same price as brand new games in another gaming store in a different mall.  I just got Killzone 2 a week before, and Overlord was being sold at a price almost twice that of KZ2? No thanks man.

As I exited the store, the sight of some dude with his kid caught my eye.  He was probably going to buy his kid a Wii, as they were playing around with it.  As much as I dislike the Wii, seeing the kid so happy sparked some childhood  memories.  But then, leave it to Toys R US to ruin a Hallmark moment.  On top of the TV that displayed the game the dude-kid were playing, was a signboard for the the store’s Wii promo and it just disgusted me. Why? See for yourself

Why sell the Wii anyway? I keed, I keed :p

MODDED!  Now I don’t know how Nintendo or if they even know that they’re top selling system is being sold already modded.  I also don’t know what the mods are for.  Well I’m 90% sure that it allows whoever uses it to play with illegal copies of games.  I have seen lots of stores that sell pirated Wii games, heck, even 360 games. Now I’m sure that’s illegal right?  I couldn’t even stomach that such a world-famous store would even go to such measures.  I mean, the Wii is already selling perfectly well, now I don’t know if that is because of modded Wiis being available in the market.  Could this also be why the PS3 isn’t selling that well?  The 360, as many of us also know can also be modded, look where it is now in the console sales race.  I’m not trying to be a fanboy or anything, it just sickens me how these toy-stores promote modded systems.  If I had enough cash, I would gladly get a 360 as it does offers great games, and most multi-platform games run well on the 360 as compared to the PS3 (e.g Fallout 3).  Also, I am not against modding, as the PSP can also be modded to make full use of its capabilities (e.g Homebrew). But is it not the practice that modding a system will only be based on the decision of the consumer?  Modding should only be done at your own risk, and in no way modding means piracy.  But for stores to say that modding allows users to play pirated games is not at all acceptable. Why do people force themselves anyway?  If you can’t afford to buy games, then just don’t buy a gaming system!  I can’t accept other people’s reason that they just can’t afford to original, legal copies of games.  That is just too much of a selfish statement as they are ripping off the developers that have put in all their hard work and time to make one game.  I have spoken to a game publisher about this and his thought about this piracy issue was that we just can’t do anything about it. Sooner or later, developers will be forced out of jobs, or look outside of the gaming industry for a job.

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March 17, 2009 at 2:25 pm

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